Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where Have I Been?

You know what? I've been trying very hard to come up with something creative and new for my blog so that it is not like everybody else's... It has to do with hip hop and me and my personal journey through the industry... and while all this time I've been trying to figure out what could make it different, I just reminded myself... It is about what I think and feel... what I care about that is going on in this industry... So I'm thinking of what to post based on that and I realize... I don't care much about anything going on right now... wow... nothing is really mattering to me through the bullshit of my real regular life, so I haven't posted anything... But you know what? That isn't fair to ya'll, my fans and readers... (and I seperate that because I know some of my readers aren't fans, they're just readers, otherwise they would have voted for what I post... and left comments... I love the feedback of my fans and I need more...) So here I go back on my job, acting like I care... It is starting to get intersting tho, I won't lie...summer time, but the marriges, divorces, jail time and swag jacking aren't entertaining me at all... This weekend and week I will post as much as possible...