Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Auto-tune + Blogging =...

I'm bout to hit the studio... And guess wht? they are calling in the Auto-tune effect... I can't tell you who is recording... It's a secret... but as a tribute, I am writing the rest of this blog in Auto-TuUuNeEE... ya dig?

AnywaAays... I just did some researchiIing on auto-tuUune and here is what I found... (This auto-tuUune is geEettiIing annoyiIing...)

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The Effect T-Pain Use's On His Voice AUTO-TUNE - Watch the top videos of the week here

Akon Calls T-pain - These bloopers are hilarious

I am not an auto-tune hater... I actually like how it could create a new direction for hiphop and music... its just getting over saturated and mis-used... Kanye does a good job, Snoop did a good job, Gorilla Zoe... it's some real heat that can come from the auto-tune if it is overused and abused... so we bout to get in on that in the studioOoOoOo... riIiIight now... Duece...

o yeah, this new Curren$y and Freck Billionaire is crack... and I aint just saying that... check out

-Ghost Da Hustla... Tell momma I'm FAMOUS! or better yet, tell your momma I'm famous... ya dig?


Anonymous | October 2, 2008 at 4:13 PM

ooooohhhh thats what its called. but i do understand what ur talking being abused. now i knoe its tight wen u do chorus with it...but the whole damn song. lets b farreal. but i think its real tight with sex songs.