Monday, February 18, 2008

My Allstar Team

Allstar weekend is just over, from what I have been hearing already, it was a crazy weekend... and plus, I'm back in Houston (which was so empty because half the city was in New Orleans)... Because I just got in from Chicago to Houston I didn't make plans to be down there, I wish I did tho... but o well, I still had much fun in Houston...

Aside from all the parties and sideshows, the main event of allstar weekend is the NBA Allstar game, East vs. West, the best of the best... so I was thinkin, why not make my own Hip Hop Allstar team... Here is my starting line up for my hip hop allstar teams, HipHop vs. Rap... ( If you don't know the difference, this might help...)

Team HipHop - Coach - Dr. Dre or Will I Am
Kanye West - Point Gaurd
Lupe Fiasco - Small Forward
Jay Z - Center
Nasir Jones - Power Forward
Common - Shooting Gaurd

Sixth man: Chamillionaire

Team Rap - Coach - Polow Da Don or Timbaland
Lil Wayne - Point Gaurd
Lil Boosie - Small Forward
Bun B - Center
Teddy Pendergrass - Shooting Gaurd
Young Jeezy - Power Forward

Sixth man: Rich Boy

Humm interesting game... I wonder who would win, with most points being hits... Leave comments on who you vote as game MVP... and doing this... I might do a fantasy game for hiphop... has that been done? I don't play fantasy sports, but if someone does, can they hit me up on how it works so we could possibly start a HipHop fantasy sports ring... idk, that would be very interesting... holla back on what yall think...

-Ghost Da Hustla