Saturday, February 9, 2008

Top 10 comeback yearnings for 2008

Ok, its Feburary ya dig and based on what was going on last month I pretty much got a feel for who is coming out this year... These are just some of the people I want to see come back out... I hope these people do well again in 2008.

-My Top 10 comeback yearnings for 2008:

-Britney Spears: Ok, leave this girl alone please and just let her make some good music... I know yall act like yall ain't feelin her, but her music is addictive and yall know it, yall just won't admit it... She a crazy white girl, what yall expect, let her do her, but she needs to make good music for her fans... (I am not talking about me when I say fans... but her new single ain't that bad)

-Whitney Houston: Dawg, this is the come back story for yall.. VH1, get your cameras on her and throw her in the studio... She will bring ratings and hits, especially if she links up with Polow, The Dream or B. Cox... dawg, I wanna see if she does anything this year foreal...

-Gnarls Barkley: These dudes (and I mean dudes because it is just not one person, its two) had one of the biggest singles of 2006 and a super fly video to match... then they just vanished, record sales was straight, but they just left... and they had atleast one other single the masses could understand... but idk, here's their new single though...

-Mariah Carey: I heard she is back in the lab also... I wanna see her collabos, maybe The Dream? Ne-yo? For some reason I see Rick Ross... and Khaled... the song is called, "We Da Best" produced by Cool & Dre... fiyah... make that happen yall...

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-Usher: Usher is gonna come back to get out the house, he has the baby, the new wife I guess, idk... but yeah, another track with Luda... ofcourse, watch... they should come with a collabo album like Bow Wow and Omarion, maybe call it "Lovers & Friends" idk... I bet Scott Storch or Lil Jon produce the single... and the second one is done by Usher's little brother, J Lac... make that happen also...

-Eminem: O yeah, I'm so glad Em is on the list, I feel like if he comes back this time he won't come with some crazy & wild single, it will be more grown and mature... I wanna see that, featuring 50 ofcourse though... but I hope the album has a track with him and Wayne and maybe Chamillionaire... He doesn't even have to do promo, his Slim Fast commercials will promote him... Em better do that Slim Fast shit and take notes from 50's Vitamin water accident...

-Lil Kim: Yeah, I know some of yall like she never left, but I don't really think she came back like she should of after the lock, she had a chance with the reality show on BET, she was on Keyshia Cole track... but if she has done anything else, I don't remember... I want more, and she has a track with my dudes Christian Rich, not that hot, but its different, and I see she experimenting, and she has to if the new album is going to be called "MS. G.O.A.T." She can fit the title if she works for it, I hope she don't think she just deserves it...

-Lil Jon: If crunk ain't dead, where is Lil Jon's Cruck Rock album? Seriously... I really wanna see where he goes with that... but if he really wants to make some money, he needs to drop a Crunk Jazz album also... do you know how many people listen to Jazz radio across the country? And then if he does a Crunk Classical in New York, its a rap... I mean wrap... I mean, skip the hood niggas altogether, they ain't gonna buy the records, they just gonna download a few songs like always... hahaha...

-Michael Jackson: Real talk, this needs to happen and an album needs to drop early 4th Quarter... Feb. 12 is when the 25th anniversary edition of "Thriller" drops... I hope he picks up speed and ambition to record from this release...

-Missy: This girl was at the top of the charts anytime she came out, always gave us a hot record and even produced... crazy... I seen her at the Hip Hop Honors, and they was doing they thing for her... she talented, but times was different back then with music and I wanna see what she does this year (if anything) to sell or get back in the public eye, here is her new track...

Who Cares: I don't think many people will care if these people come back, but I honestly wanna see what they do...

-J Kwon
-C Murder
-Bubba Sparxx
-Murphy Lee
-Ying Yang Twins

-Ghost Da Hustla


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