Thursday, February 7, 2008

CHRIS FORD Interview...

Now I have known this guy for a few years now and he has helped me so much... I feel like he was one of my first big connects... I have learned so much from him and hope to work with him some more in the future... I see him doing even bigger things in the future so yall check this interview out...

Chris Ford:

What's your Name and what do you do?

Chris Ford and I am an entertainment attorney and manager. I am also working on producing a radio and TV show.

Have you read my blog before (


What do you think of the blog and the concept in all?

It’s a cool joint. I’m not too big into the whole blog thing but its becoming a major part of all aspects of pop culture and is the main source of information for a lot of people now-a-days

How did you get your start in what it is that you do?

I interned at an independent record label in NY. Out of the people I worked w/ came Bruce Wayne from Super Producer’s Midi Mafia and Chris Styez from super producer’s Dangerous LLC.

Who are some of the biggest artist/celebrities you've worked with?

LeBron James, Scarface, DJ Clue, Fabolous

What are some of your favorite songs/albums out right now, and why?

An MC from Memphis by the name of Lane has a crazy album. Its totally different from the stereotypical drugs, violence, stunting.

Tell me something crazy you experienced in this industry...

The crazy things I’ve seen is just a lot of deals getting messed up b/c someone is being greedy or just stupid. 10% of something is better than 20% of nothing but people always want to push it and end up losing thousands of dollars. That’s crazy to me.

Do you have any advice for me in becoming a major label

Network and be able t oshow people how you can make them money. Just saying you’re hot or you’re ready to do it doesn’t matter. They hear that from everyone they meet but if you build a successful project yourself you can show them that you can do it.

Will you remember my name 5 years from now?

Yeah probably

5 mins from now?


Who else do you know that you could introduce to me to interview?

All the artist at

Could we keep in touch and connected forever through this industry?


What else you wanna tell my blog readers?

If you want to break into this industry you have to pay your dues and that means doing some free work to get your foot in the door and your name established. Don’t be greedy early, if your talented enough or smart enough you’ll make money eventually so do what you gotta do when you first get in the game.

Preciate ya... Be sure to tell everyone you know about me and the blog... keep checking up on it... Good luck to you and whatever you do in the future...