Friday, May 16, 2008

Must Be Two Side Huh?

**Via ** If your not up on the whole T.I & Shawty Lo beef. Shawty Lo is trying to expose T.I , claiming T.I is not from Bankhead. On a recent interview with Bankhead he asked for someone to show T.I's HS pic to prove. Well One of our readers who explained they would like to be remained anonymous sent us T.I's high school photo. This is a response to Shawty Lo's video statement on the reward for T.I's high school photo. The anonymous sender explained this "T.I's high school is in Riverdale in Clayton County, (Outskirts Of ATL). It is not close to Bankhead at all this place where you would probably want to move to get away from the trap. Bankhead is westside the city clayton county (southside) is where riverdale is it is 30 or more mile away from the city of Atlanta". Regardless of all this we are still huge fans from both camps. So here it is. Is T.I really from Bankhead? You be the judge.

*Update*. One of Shawty Lo's assistant just informed us about this picture below and states: "T.I claims he didn't know Shawty Lo but this picture below was taken on January" 1-30-06. Credit to MustB2Sides for the video

Hilarious... Heres the rest...

- Ghost Da Hustla