Thursday, August 7, 2008

Major Label Mindset...

OK, here's a quick reality check needed for the various indie labels that have been recently trying to work with me, and even to a few of the indie labels I have been trying to work with...

Just because your an indie label does not mean that you do not have to do some of the same things a major does...

Every label needs structure... Every multi-million dollar decision needs planning and structure... think about it... How much do you plan to make if you don't plan? The key is to think ahead as much as possible, a lack of planning can cause you to come up off a lot of paper or fail miserably unexpected... that's not a good look... this industry is filled of stunners and successful people that do remember when you fail... because either A) they don't remember when they had failed, or B) they actually planned and had no room or tolerance for failure...

Now I'm not the most experienced business man in the industry, but I haven't been around too many successful labels that didn't have some type of structured planning... Here are a few of the things I feel like every label will need:

  • Marketing and promoting outside the box

  • Alternative revenue streams from music - You cant just make money from selling albums... you need more than one way to make money through a label... (ring tones, apparel, porn.. idk, get creative...)

  • Promotions Dept. - This department is responsible for radio airplay and getting the track played in clubs.

  • Publicity Dept. - This department is responsible for obtaining feature stories or interviews for either radio, TV, magazine, e-zines, or anywhere

  • New Media Dept. - This department is responsible for internet promotion and various other new millennium opportunities. There is so much more than myspace friends and layouts, we have the istreetteams, iTunes, weblogs... and many other things coming out every day that this department is responsible in discovering and capitalizing on.

  • Artist Development Dept. - This department is responsible for developing the artist and managing the artist's constant growth. They will sometimes be the business median between the artist and the label and is sometimes known as the manager... but sometimes this is a completely different department.

  • Production Development Dept. - This department is responsible for making sure the complete label is moving at regular pace and that the finalized product is completely presentable and well promoted... this department makes sure all other ties are properly connected. this department could be the secretary, the label A&R or even the CEO / President.

  • Ghost Da Hustla / ..::GHOST MONEY MANAGEMENT::.. - Now there is only one of me, but if everyone starts paying me to think outside the box for their label in the direction of money... i can either hire more people to assist me with my management company... (or clone myself, I haven't decided yet...)


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  • -Ghost Da Hustla