Saturday, September 20, 2008

Real Talk Alert:

I found a few words of real talk and I thought that I should share this... It really inspired me in what it is that I do, even tho I am a boss... I feel everyone should read this...


Words by Donny Goines

You ever heard this expression before? Another way you could describe this is that there are too many "bosses" and not enough employees. You can't tell me this doesn't apply to this game.

How many times have you gone to someone's MySpace page and saw the term "CEO" there? What about when you're at an event and someone hands you a business card with the word "President" on it? Have you noticed how many "bosses" there are in this game? I mean, the shit is ridiculous. I really don't understand why so many people out there are fixated on being the "boss?" Do you really know what it takes to be one?

There's another expression you should familiarize yourself with. "In order to be a general, you have to be a good solider first." What that means is, you need to work your way up and learn from those above you.

No one, I repeat NO ONE comes out the gate a boss. Diddy was an intern, Suge was a bodyguard, Dre and Jermaine Dupri were producers, so on and so forth. You gotta put in that field work before you can retire to a nice cozy desk. Something else you should realize is that there are times when you HAVE to be the student, the worker, etc. because you can't play dual roles. For example, Baby of Cash money is a boss right? I bet you though, when he's in the studio, he isn't. Same goes for almost any artist. You think if I'm in the studio with an A-list producer, I'm gonna boss HIM around? It's the other way around. In that situation, HE'S the head honcho. You have to learn how to fallback sometimes.

One more problem with this scenario (and this is probably the worst of them all) is that when you have too many bosses running around, the job usually doesn't get done. In situations like this, you'll hear things like "I'm not picking up those bags, I'm the CEO..." or "I can't do that paperwork, I'm the President...." or how about "That is not a part of my job requirements...." lol. Leave that diva shit at the door. At the end of the day, you need to do whatever, whenever, however it needs to be done whether you own the company or your an intern. This attitude has brought down empires before, so take heed.

If you're meant to be a boss or you are one already, more power to you. Just know that a real boss is usually the first one to arrive, last one to leave and works harder then anyone else. Live up to the title if your gonna use it.

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