Monday, September 22, 2008

Keeping Love Locked-Down:

I swear, some time last week I was going through a musical depression... no matter what song I listened to I hated it... If anyone knows me, one of my main addictions is new music... probably my only one... Everyone knows that I go out of my way extra hard to hear new music, the most music and everything you are going to wanna hear, And I have to have it... not just a radio rip, not a tagged version, but the exclusive album quality or something...

Now last week, I couldn't find a decent song to save my life, I was tired of all the songs I already had, and when I would find a song that I thought was promising, it was a big let down. I needed something new and different... I even tried Max B's mixtape, something I never listen to... and I only find out that he is the king of fillers, meaning he has like 2 singles and the rest just fill up space. Now I didn't get a chance to see the VMAs but I knew Kanye closed the show... when I seen the video of the performance, I knew I just had to have the track.

Within minutes I found the live version... but I knew there had to be more... I couldn't find it tho... but I swear, I must have played that Love Lock-down like 200 times... in just a few days... then I was sent a mastered version, but it sounded like a laptop demo or a show blueprint.
I wanted more... I was figuring that there was supposed to be more... maybe a sample on the beat, vocal quality... something... but it still hasn't come... I just recently found a newer version... and it was nearly the exact same... except for one effect on the word "overload." I tried to hold off on this post till I had received the full song. I'm tired of waiting...

All in all, I'm starting to get let down about the song... I'm just expecting more from the song, but it doesn't come... to even the point, I seen 50 mocking the song... I thought he was gonna do something creative... a clever verse, or something... but nothing... It was a lame attack... I was disappointed again, and then Trey Songz did a track to the song... it was also a let down... I don't know what to say but I have to keep my love locked-down on this song... maybe that was Kanye's goal... it worked... because I still love it, but not how I want to...

*Update* Kanye West recently responded to 50 Cent's jab about his latest single “Love Lockdown”.

As reported earlier, during a concert in New York last weekend,50 Cent mocked Kanye's “Love Lockdown” and announced that he will be releasing his upcoming album (Before I Self Destruct), a week before Kanye drops 808s & Heartbreak.

In a post on his blog from September 18th, Kanye revealed he is in Hawaii working hard on 808s & Heartbreak and responded to 50 Cent's jabs by saying, “I guarantee this will be 50’s favorite album of mine. This will be gangster’s album of the year.”

Kanye and 50 Cent dueled over first week sales when they released their albums on the same day last year. Kanye would trump 50 Cent in first week sales and overall U.S. sales.

50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct hits shelves December 9th while 808s & Heartbreak drops on December 16th.


WE WENT #1 @ 745 NY TIME!!!


-Ghost Da Hustla