Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ghost Da Hustla Monthly Update: Jan. 2009

Album of the month: Yeah right... never in the 1st month is a respectable album dropped.

Song of the month:
My President is Black (Remix) - Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z & Nas... And should have featured Ludacris.

Verse of the month: For me... I've been banging Lil Wayne Dedication 1 so my favorite verse this month is "Motivation" or "Stilettos."

Mixtape of the month: "Ghost Money Djs presents: Drake Drizzy Rogers"

Hustla of the month: Ghost Da Hustla of course... and it won't be this way all year if I don't deserve it... and 50 bringing in

Fail of the month: Charles Hamilton battling Serius Jones... smh...

What I have been up to lately: Ok, so lately, ya boy has been grinding and bringing in the new year pretty strong... I started off SUPER sick for like 6 days starting ON NEW YEARS... it was nasty... I'm really happy though with the progress I have been picking up from all that... Beats have been moving, mixtapes have been gaining attention, Tours, everything seems like its in a pretty decent direction...

Check ya boy out on page 17 of the newest issue of Ozone Mag... I put on for my city ya dig? I appreciate the support and hope to get more writing positions for Ozone as well...

Here is what I wrote online though...
Rapquest Jan 2009: Houston, TX
January 10th, 2009 by Ms Rivercity

This month in Houston Texas was full of history. The Los Magnificos Custom Car show was a huge success, with nothing but Houston artists performing and no drama. It was the place to be. Chamillionaire, Trae, and Scarface keep the streets hot with respectable mixtape and album releases, while Z-Ro’s crack still bubbles in the veins of many. With Lil Wayne and Ice Cube coming to the city soon, we will see what the future holds for the City of Screw.

- Ghost Da Hustla (

Opinions on current events:

Kanye West changing his name to "Martin Louis the King Jr:"

I think its some what disrespectful coming off the inauguration and into Feburary... But you can obviously see in the video Kanye is loosing his mind... but them shoes are really fly in my opinion...

Lil Wayne's first single "Prom Queen" for the Rock / Rebirth Album:

Video Provided by

I actually like it... Its closer to rock than the single I was listening to, "Hot Revolver," for a while now, but its an interesting first step of domination into the next genre... and the rock people eat it up as well.

Video Provided by

50 Cent and Rick Ross Beef:

I couldn't care less... The two aren't even equal or similar... it makes no damn sense... only thing I see is that they are both laws... I'm prob gon drop a tape soon tho... "Dade County P.D vs NYPD" the best of Ricky & 50... whatever..

O yeah... and Cam'ron tryna make a comeback...

This gon be the year of Dipset again... Watch...

And what I am looking forward to next month: Now here in Feburary I'm going to start executing resolutions; get more organized, gain more industry respect, become a better "Producer"and get atleast one of my artists to drop a tape or something... It's going to be a good month and start of an even better year.... holla at me...

-Ghost Da Hustla


K-G | February 6, 2009 at 1:00 AM

thats was up man...its bout time...i been lookin for ur blogs man...but ya keep it up