Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fo Shizzle

I'm sitting here watching Snoop on Chelsea Latey, which I like a lot.. the show Chelsea Lately, not Snoop being on there... I like Snoop but what is going on with him lately? I mean I like how Snoop has grown to this guy that can do whatever he wants... He is a big step for Hip-Hop... as a community ya dig? His show is the number one on E... beating girls next door? Do you know what that means? America chooses Hip-hop over sex... big step... but then again, I kinda think Snoop is the best of both worlds, with the whole porn videos and "Sensual Seduction" a.k.a. "Sexual Eruption." Hummm no wonder... ( o yeah, i bet T - Pain wrote the song...)

-Ghost Da Hustla