Saturday, February 2, 2008

D. SLINKCO Interview...

Yo, what's good? I have been getting in some interviews from some really interesting people... I'm learning a lot and making some powerful connections... I'm getting close to one of my goals... can ya’ll guess which one?

Shouts out to a lot of people showing love, Animal Steele, Jay Carter, Chris Ford and Charlie of interviews coming from people like them, real soon... They gave me some great knowledge and are showing me some real love, I'm making some valuable connections, but it all started by talking to one guy... My dude Slinkco the producer... He is the one that I was talking to when I came up with this idea... so its only right that I post his interview first... (That's why I talk to other people doing things and that think outside the box also... look what ideas come from intelligent conversations... that street talk can't get you everywhere you wanna be, there are some real niggas in this industry that handle their business also… they don't always have to be GOONS...)

I asked some basic questions just to get to know them, and also have my readers learn someone new... enjoy...


What's your Name and what do you do?

My name is 'D. Slinkco'... I Produce Music.

Have you read my blog before (


What do you think of the blog and the concept in all?

It covered most but not all of what I think of the music that’s out right now but the concept is on point.

How did you get your start in what it is that you do?

I started off as an intern for Jambetta Records and worked my way up to one of the in house producers.

Who are some of the biggest artist/celebrities you've worked with?

Bruce Waynne of Midi Mafia / Chris Styles of Dangerous llc.

What are some of your favorite songs/albums out right now, and why?

Jay-Z / no hook... I can relate to it almost word for word.

Tell me something crazy you experienced in this industry...

From females wanting a hug to things they do just to get backstage... I also saw a dude get knocked out for winning at an open mic I can go on and on but I’ll leave it at that.

Do you have any advice for me in becoming a major label A&R?

Keep doing what you’re doing. Determination is the key!

Will you remember my name 5 years from now?

Not sure only time it’s self will tell.

5 mins from now?

hmmmmmmmm? Yeah! A name like Ghost Da Hustla how can I forget it?

Could we keep in touch and connected forever through this industry?


What else you wanna tell my blog readers?

Never give up on your goal and dreams. I fell in love with the industry by accident. It wasn't easy but you have to start somewhere.

Preciate ya... Be sure to tell everyone you know about me and the blog... keep checking up on it... Good luck to you and whatever you do in the future...

-Ghost Da Hustla