Monday, February 4, 2008

Halftime Show

Yeah, I was watching the superbowl and I was just wondering why they always find the oldest performers they can find and throw them on stage... I don't really get it, why don't they get someone like Rihanna and Kanye or something, idk maybe, Alicia Keys, maybe even Taylor Swift... somebody relevant, I don't wanna watch Tom Petty or whatever, I really am just tired of old ass entertainers that many young people probobly know nothing about... it should be a compilation event of many entertainers and different genres performing some crazy made up song... (I may be young, but wasnt this how it usd to be???) but I'm just glad it was a song that didn't feature Wayne, Wayne pops up in the weirdest places, but i doubt he would pop up in that state for awhile, but I bet the collab is coming soon, or atleast a sampled beat from them done by Streetrunner or Kanye... titled "Super Bowl Sunday"... make it happen...