Tuesday, February 5, 2008

JAY CARTER Interview...

Here is the next interview by none other than, Jay Carter... this dude has given me a lot of knowledge and I'm really glad I got a chance to also interview him and get to know him... and also, don’t forget, this is interview week, and I’m starting to find out that everyone knows Sick but me... stay posted..

Jay Carter:

What's your Name and what do you do?

Jay Carter: My name is Jay Carter, I am Senior Writer for www.24HourHipHop.com, A&R Intern at SRC, Polo Grounds Music as well as New Media. Right now I am Assistant A&R at Rocky Road Records which is owned by Rocko signed to Island Def Jam. I’m trying to find producers for his debut album coming in March “Self Made”.

Have you read my blog before (Ghostdahustla.blogspot.com)?

Jay Carter: Yeah and I think you came up with something different because a lot of us limit ourselves into thinking this music business only has 2 jobs become a singer or rapper but there are way more things you can do and get paid better then half of these artist you see on TV.

How did you get your start in what it is that you do?

Jay Carter: We’ll music always been apart of my life but it would say in High School I found myself wanting to be out of school and wanting to get into the music industry. I learned a lot from a friend of mine Alion and started just reading everything I could and finding out about the behind the scenes people. I use to be an artist myself as well. I started formed a company Hall-Of Fame Entertainment and I pushed beat CD’s from my producers to mixtapes for my artist. Then I got to the point where it just was not working but I learned a lot form the experience and had to re-think a couple of things over. Then one day my barber showed me a magazine and told me he wanted my help writing a couple of reviews for it. I had never written an album review or anything before. But I feel like I can do anything so I wrote it from my point of view with my flavor and twist to it. I started thinking of ways to make the magazine better. I had a cool relationship with an artist name Brisco (I use to take him beats CD’s) who was signed to Poe-Boy Ent. at the time and figured it would be a win for the both of us. So I drove there but Brisco wasn’t there. That Day I met Big Chuck who I had never met or did not know. He is the President of Poe-Boy Ent and had just started a website called 305DJs.com. I showed him the magazine, chopped it up with him and ended up leaving with a very important internship, which lead me to many opportunities, that with out it would have never been possible.

Who are some of the biggest artist/celebrities you've worked with?

Jay Carter: Wow, I worked with a lot such as Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Sean Kingston, Fabolous, Flo Rida, Bobby Valentino, Young Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Young Dro, Jazze Pha, Lil Scappy, Bow Wow & Omarion, DJ Drama, DJ Khaled, The Runners, Paul Wall, Styles P, Keri Lyn, The Corna Boyz, Lil Flip but I will name the one’s that showed my extra love like Rocko, The whole Poe-Boy Ent. Family, Rich Boy, Streetz (Remember the name), Plies and Hot Dollar.

What are some of your favorite songs/albums out right now, and why?

Jay Carter: Rocko – “Umma Do Me” because he’s bringing a new energy to the game along with Streetz who is the hottest thing unsigned (Not for Long Though). Flo Rida - “Low” and “Gotta Eat”, Rick Ross – “The Boss”, Brisco -“Bitch I’m Me” because I seen both of them come from nothing to something and they deserve it. DJ Khaled - “I’m So Hood” he’s a DJ but has the ears of a great A&R and I relate to him and respect his grind.

Tell me something crazy you experienced in this industry...

Jay Carter: Nothing crazy has happened to me yet but I think its crazy a dude like me from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, NY would be working for Bad Boy Entertainment, then SRC and Polo Grounds Music/J Records. But on another note I see a lot of people in the industry that don’t care about the music they just care about there checks this shit is just a job to them when music is my life. I call them parents…you when your parents hear you blasting music in the house and say turn it off, we’ll that’s who run these labels the ages are 30 and up. That’s who is in charge of deciding what song is hot or not and what albums go out, who gets signed. That’s crazy to me, so the game needs more Jay Carter’s and people like yourself.

Do you have any advice for me in becoming a major label A&R?

Jay Carter: Approach this shit like you’re an artist, do the groundwork. Meaning, get an artist you believe in, A&R his whole album maybe doing rap and another artist doing R&B. Shop it to labels which is way easier said then done. You have to spend money to make money period; to pay for radio play, mixtapes slots, and promotion, just like a label would do. You have to make them come to you and respect your ear and hustle, because if not, you’re just another worker to them. Times have changed and you need to be in school to get internships and have the contacts as well to get in.

Will you remember my name 5 years from now?

Jay Carter: I hope to see you at the top and talk about this interview 5 years from now!

5 mins from now?

Jay Carter: Lol…

Who else do you know that you could introduce to me to interview?

Jay Carter: I will get you in contact with Sickamore and I will help you to the best of my ability but you have to grind as well. I never got any hand - outs myself and I still grind and don’t even look at what I have accomplished so far. I look at it like I could be doing a lot more!

What else you wanna tell my blog readers?

Jay Carter: If you got a dream stop talking about it and go and do it. Take pride in what you do, work hard and everything else will fall into place.

Preciate ya... Be sure to tell everyone you know about me and the blog... keep checking up on it... Good luck to you and whatever you do in the future...