Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to Become Famous

OK, as everyone now knows... I have finally obtained my Sickamore interview... thank you, thank you... hold your applause until the end... But yeah, alot of people know that I wanted to interview him, but they probably don't know why... Simply put, Sick can make you FAMOUS... shiiiiiiit... ya dig?

Sickamore is the CEO of Famous Firm and until recently Sickamore was A&R over at Atlantic Records... Dude can defiantly make virtually any artist famous, if they deserve it... I was trying to obtain that knowledge as well... But after the interview I found out that I didn't have that knowledge and I probably won't talk to Sick for awhile,(Maybe a few months) till I make it...

So you know what the Free-Hundred Million Dollar Blogger does? He comes up with his own details of how to become famous, (mixed with a little research) and then I had applied it towards Hip-Hop... Because that's what we are all here for right? Enjoy the information... And I see people have been leaving comments lately... keep up the feedback and the love, and help me get my widget out there... pause, please...

Keep in mind that can become famous in many different ways and it's important that you remember to try your hardest and put forth the most effort towards any path you choose to take. There are famous artists, producers, businessmen, designers, DJs, video vixens... and now goons and weed carriers. No matter what field of interest you select, it will require training, experience and most of all persistence to become famous.

Now here are a few generic techniques that I have come up with that would apply in many situations for this music industry:

1) Be the best at something or the first to do something. Research and find something that no one has ever done, and do it... well! It could be lyrically, through song content, sales, making money, or now, SWAG. Look around and see what someone famous is famous for, and learn to do it better. Now because the game is so saturated, this may seem like one of the hardest things to do... But if you keep at it, it could work... *My Favorite*
Examples: Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled. (I would say Soulja Boy here as far as pioneering... but I don't wanna hear ya'lls mouths... not like ya'll comment anyways...)

2) Try to be the worst at something. William Hung became famous by being the worst singer on American Idol. He sings so badly that people flock to see him perform. I would never suggest this, but it works... Not everyone agrees on these type of artists... but a few are known as the worst...
Examples: Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Jim Jones and Who? Mike Jones. (Although I feel like each of these artists have made a contribution to the charts, they are kind of the worst rappers on top...)

3) Being radically different will make people notice, and you in turn will become famous. Now this method worked for the Cool Kids, but now we have all these other kids forcing themselves into being different... Just be you. Like i said, there are many ways of being famous.
Examples: Cool Kids, Eminem, T-Pain and Kanye West.

4) Be in the right, or wrong place at the right time. Now know that just by being in the right place, at the right time, could help you become famous, maybe only for an hour, but it involves the least preparation, talent or skill. It's dumb luck, but always be ready... It's up to you how you stretch those 15 mins to an hour and so on. Try not to only end up like the dude who saved that lady from the railroad or subway or whatever. We do not remember his name now, but at the time of the happening, everyone knew him, he was televised, and became instantly, and briefly famous.
Examples: Bagledash, Bently Fonsworth, Lil Chuckie and DJ Vlad... Trilla!

5) Suck a famous dick. Now I wouldn't suggest this, but it works... Now this does take a litte dedication and talent depending on how famous you want to be... Let's be real, people get sucked up daily anyways.
Examples: Lloyd Banks, Karine "Superhead" Steffans, Monica Lewinsky and alot of these wack ass rappers. (Regardless, Banks is one of my favorite rappers.)

6) Die... It may not sound fun, but Pac made 15 Million last year... and he has been dead for more than ten years...
Examples: Biggie, Tupac, Big L and DMC.

7) Get a co-sign from somebody with a stable position in the game. Sometimes being signed to a profitable, upstanding record label just isn't enough. People love to love what famous people like... and if someone famous likes you, so will the people... and after that its all up to you on what you do.
Examples: Young Jeezy, Currency, Asher Roth and Just Blaze.

8) Commit a crime, snitch and then get out to tell a different story... Or, commit a crime, don't snitch and never get out to tell your story. This is real because everyone likes a story... Fact or Fiction. We like hearing about real people doing things we would never do to the extent of getting caught.
Examples: Pimp C, Shyne, DMX and Tony Yayo.

9) Be related to anyone in the industry. Not really sure how this one actually works, you just have to be related to anyone in the industry... Most likely this works just like the co-sign tip, with less preparation and skill. Although some do actually have talent.
Examples: Tyga, Cory Gunz, Team Blackout and Solange.

10) Get someone else famous. This goes into managing, ghostwriting, sometimes producing, journaling or whatever you can think of. The more people you make famous, the more you will be famous... It's an automatic co-sign
Examples: Sickamore, alot of djs, magazines and Ghost Da Hustla next...

Choosing one of the above paths and applying it in the direction you choose is sure to bring you fame. Now there are other ways you could get famous out here... but it's up to you to figure it out.

Remember, don't follow your dreams - chase them. They are not gonna come to you... My Uncle Darius once told me you must be always proactive if you are trying to obtain your goals in this industry. Not a day goes by that I don't do a thing that's not music or business related.

If you need any help getting the word about you out, use a famous platform like,,, or to showcase your skills.


- When you try to contact famous people in an attempt to get them interested in your area of expertise, do not over bug them or continue to communicate with them if they do not respond, But be persistent.

- Contact anyone you can think of that can get to any type of audience and interest them in helping you get the word out about what you do. Ask your fans to refer you to their friends and family. Give them your business cards, links, product or CD and ask them to pass it around. Whatever it takes, get creative.

- Have a genuine conviction that you deserve to be famous. Envisage benefits to the society from your fame and try to highlight and project them in turn. Do not be deterred by resistance to your efforts. Be brave and assertive. Famous is something you earn to keep. (If you are not born with it.)

- Try to identify urgent or dire needs of people or demands of people and try to work on any one or more of them; depending upon your genuine interest. You may record a track about something you see missing on the radio or on the shelves, If you see a new way to make money, find out the best way to do it before someone else does, email to blogs, TV channels, write to websites with similar interests all of that. You can do it if you GRIND.

- When the going gets tough, don't give up!


- Remember that it is easy to become famous but much harder to become well known for good reasons. Do not try to jump off a building or a bridge, because that type of fame will only be short lived, and you will probably be killed and you will not be able to enjoy the fame.

- It takes a great deal of patience and researching your area of expertise that you are interested in to become well known. Do not expect it to happen overnight.

Real talk alert... so leave a few comments on what it is... add this ya'lls myspace blogs... bulletins... Facebook... what ever it is... get the word out there about this blog... Sickamore interview coming soon...


P.S. - you can add acting crazy and hating... but not to my list... that's just lame...


Anonymous | September 1, 2008 at 11:15 AM

congrats on the interview...keep up the good work...

GUTTAGAME TV | September 16, 2008 at 10:46 AM

tru, i ike that..

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