Saturday, October 11, 2008


Why must everyone talk shit? or drop a diss? or throw stones of any kind?

because its fun and easy... That's all I could think of... So today is "Hi Hater" day... Feel free to have a pass of talking shit, dissing or anything of that kind of thing today... Seriously... Just drink some Crunk juice, Listen to a Lil Jon or 50 Cent cd and just start dissing or hating everyone around you for no reason... You're gonna feel like superman, (unless they hear you and kick your ass... but if you win, you're really gonna feel like supeman...)

O well... so Fuck you, you and you... Thats right, I said it... I'm just angry at the industry right now... things are so distorted, past normal distortion, and I don't like it... My situation is coming all together real soon though so ya'll be ready... I'm keeping it short and just updating the fans... Here is some diss - a - nigga content for ya'll...

10 DISS TRACKS FOR YOU TO ARGUE ABOUT, not a top 10 list:

Nas - Ether
Game - 300 bars
2Pac - Hit em Up
Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah I
J.R Writer - Tru Dyke
Max B - Every song he drops is a jab at Jim Jones...
Gillie Da Kid-Frontin Like ya Daddy
Ja Rule - Clap Back & 21 Gunz
50 Cent - Wanksta + The rest of his career...
Camron - Curtis

Diss - A - Nigga videos...

-Ghost Da Hustla