Monday, December 1, 2008

How to be a Hustla: Definition/ and what you need to do to be a hustler

Allow me to reintroduce myself... my name is Ghost Da Hustla... Hustla is part of my name... True names can not be picked, they are given to you... I didn't pick that name and decide I wanted to be a hustler today, it was given to me because I earned it... Everyday I'm hustling... real rap... Not everyone can be a hustler, but I am; its in my blood... (Meet my dad and you will truly understand...)

The definition of a hustler or hustla is the same, but it is not simple to define... My gift to you today is the definition of a hustler, because we all want to be one, but sometimes we just don't know how, don't know what one is or what it takes... This is going to be Hustle week...

In my opinion, the definition of a hustler is a go getter, someone that makes things happen in order to gain and fulfill their needs, whether they need money, respect, power, knowledge, fame or anything in the world, using their strongest talents and anything else they can gain help and leverage from. As a hustler you can't just make money, you have to attack what you want, chase it and keep it coming to you... You have to know how to get what you need and do it well... that is called your hustle... as a hustler, you must have a hustle... something you sell, an act you perform, or just that something that gets you what you are hustling for... The better you perform your hustle to reap your benefits, the better of a hustler you are. The more hustles you do well also determine how great of a hustler you are as well.

Wanna be a hustla? Get like me...

-Get a hustle, do it well and keep practicing at it till you have mastered it to your comfort.

-Execute your hustle, develop your hustle into a lifestyle.

-Reap your benefits... easy...

Its a way of life to truly earn the title... Holla at me on what you think... I'm out till 2morrow...



Anonymous | December 6, 2008 at 12:29 AM

love the way u put all that in words. great blog. to b honest i really needed to hear dat.